The Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO) is historic human rights agency founded in 1967. IFCO was an instrumental adviser and facilitator during the production of the Community Doctors documentary film project. The idea to create the film was partly inspired by IFCO’s work.  IFCO has a decades-long track record of assisting and empowering local and international communities around social justice, human rights and environmental issues.

Facilitating Cuba’s Medical Scholarship Program for U.S. Students

IFCO is the sole facilitator of Cuba’s Medical Scholarship Program for U.S. students. They manage the recruitment, admissions and orientation process for hundreds of applicants across the country. They work diligently to ensure that all candidates are fully prepared for their journey of medical education in Cuba and provide assistance to the students while they are in the program and to graduates of the program.

Cuba Relations

For many years IFCO has been a strong and active voice in normalizing relations with Cuba. As part of IFCO’s Pastors for Peace project an annual shipment of goods are delivered to Cuba.
These Cuba Friendshimpment Caravans where much needed supplies and materials, donated by concerned citizens and advocacy groups across North America, are provided to Cuba in accordance with apolitical humanitarian values has been ongoing for over 20 years.

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